the dick pic

So you’re getting flirty over snap and a little risky business starts and more skin starts to show. There are multiple levels in which this can go to:

  1. cute lingerie pics
  2. topless/booty pics
  3. full on vagina shot ass naked

Whichever level you are part of, there is no denying that getting nudies from girls is basically all that guys have social media for. Power of the pussy remember? But for those of you lucky enough to have male attention have experienced the dick pic. The dick pic can come whenever and wherever. You could be expecting it or completely caught of guard. Either way, it’s truly an experience you will never forget.

What I want to know is do guys think we enjoy these pictures? Do they really fucking think we get off from looking at a pale ass veiny mushroom? Um no, we don’t. I don’t want to be in the middle of a fucking lecture on the American Revolution and open my phone to your fucking dick poking out at me. It isn’t cute so please stop.

Penises are fucking scary to look at even in person, sorry to break it to you gentlemen. Any girl who says she enjoys sucking dick is lying and just wants attention cuz she’s probably a home wrecking whore. There’s a reason why it’s called a blow job. JOB. It is a JOB.

Put your dick back where in belongs, in your tacky ass white washed jeans. Boy bye.



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