You’re not a Kardashian

This is for all of those selfie taking, fake laughing picture, alcoholic beverage posting basic ass bitches, PLEASE. STOP.

The Kardashian Klan had appointed themselves as the fucking social media dictators from Kim’s weird naked bathroom selfies, to Kylie’s obsession with posting awkward lip pouting selfies. They are everywhere whether we like it or not. My point, you are not a Kardashian so PLEASE stop trying to be one.

If you have to fake a laugh in a picture just to post it, then stop. If you have to adjust your margarita to get the perfect shot, then stop. And if you have to post a picture of yourself basically naked just to get likes, then STOP. You’re not fooling anyone with your staged laughing pictures, we all know you’re not that happy and you’re not having that much fun. It’s honestly just sad because of how obviously un-candid the picture is. Posting a selfie half naked doesn’t show off anything except how insecure you are.

If you claim to be a “model” then you probably aren’t. Posting naked pictures of yourself on a beach isn’t modeling. Unless you are walking down a runway in a fucking Valentino dress during Paris fashion week, you are a fucking insignificant wannabe and need to stop ASAP. I’m not saying to stop working towards your goal of actually being a model, I’m just saying to stop trying to be someone that you obviously aren’t.

To quote the Kardashians, “At the end of the day..” it really doesn’t matter how many instagram/twitter/snapchat or whatever the fuck followers or likes you have. Only you know if you are truly happy because you are the only one who can truly control that. Your likes don’t define you.


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