I hate sluts.

I first want to start by clarifying the difference between a fuck girl and a slut… A fuck girl is above all else classy. Sleep with whomever you want, talk to whomever you want, AS LONG AS HE IS SINGLE. Being a fuck girl is not being a slut aka the home wrecker.

A fuck girl is classy because she does NOT feel the need to: a. tell everyone about who she sleeps with, b. ONLY talk about hooking up, and c. (the most important) ruin a relationship. A fuck girl knows her limits and boundaries. Fuck the world, but only if they are single.

Sluts: A slut is vastly different than a fuck girl. A slut is a home wrecker, a girl who knowingly hooks up with a guy who is in a relationship aka sluts have no respect for themselves or other girls.

If you knowingly are hooking up with a guy in a committed relationship, then you seriously need to reconsider your entire life and purpose on this fucking beautiful earth because sluts like you need to be fucking laser beamed into fucking space.

As someone who has had personal experiences with sluts, I say that we should not be mad at such sluts for existing in their sad pathetic worlds, but instead I pity them. You must have some SERIOUS daddy/mommy issues or be seriously insecure about your ugly ass, or you could just be a horrible ass person. Either way, I feel bad for you that you have nothing going on in your life that you feel the need to ruin a relationship.

As the petty ass women say in the south… “honey, I’ll pray for you.”


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