F*** Girl

Fuck Girl 

What is a Fuck Girl? 

Well, let’s start by briefly reviewing the definition of “fuck boy” for those of you who live under a rock. A fuck boy is a manipulative dick who is only concerned about himself and will do whatever and whoever for his own benefit. He does not have any concern for who he hurts in the process as long as he gets what he wants. 

This term “fuck boy” was at first used as a solid warning to girls to stay away but for some ungodly reason the term has changed in meaning. When a guy is labeled a fuck boy, girl you should run for the fucking hills, but now, a fuck boy has become a weakness for girls. Girls know a fuck boy is bad news but will still bend over backwards and spread her legs far and wide for the said fuck boy. WHY?

Simple answer: we want what we can’t have. We know the fuck boy is bad news and will only end up hurting us but that small, small like his pathetic fuck boy dick, small ounce of hope that we will be the girl the fuck boy falls in love with, keeps us wanting more. 

We have all been guilty of falling into the trap of a fuck boy but instead of crying by ourselves over a bowl of popcorn while watching *insert favorite reality TV show*, why not beat them at their own game?

Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Fuck Boy = Fuck Girl 

The terms Hoe, Whore, and Slut have such negative connotations thanks to our fuck boy dominated society so I like to embrace a new term: Fuck Girl. If guys can sleep will multiple girls in a week, why can’t girls? It is time for girls to stop with this whiney bullshit of “but he’s really nice when we’re alone!” or my favorite, “he’s not like other guys!” um sorry sweetie but he is. 

Don’t let yourself get played. Girls have just as much power as guys to when it comes to sex. Girls need to metaphorically unite and play just as hard (no pun intended) as guys do. If he can text multiple people, so can you. If he can have meaningless sex on a Tuesday night, you fucking can too! 


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